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    Necrons 2011 Preview

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    Necrons 2011 Preview

    Post  The Harbinger on Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:28 am

    Well, GW is going to be releasing a new Necron codex in 2011 (either January or, most likely, the second release of the year after Grey Knights). It is about time as Necrons may possibly be the most boring army to play in the 40k universe. The following is a compilation of either GW confirmed rumors, agreement between Bell of Lost Souls, Warseer and Bolter and Chainsword and/or a sneak peak at the rough draft for the codex.

    Bell, Warseer and Bolter have all agreed that there will be new plastic kits as part of GW's move toward plastic mainline units. Here are the 3 confirmed as of now.
    -Immortals (moved to Terminator size bases)
    -Spyders (with multiple builds)
    -The Necromancer (a heavy or elite choice)
    There will most likely be other models moved to plastic but no word on whether or not they will be redoing basic warriors.

    The real kicker is what those sites are not saying that looks like it may actually make it through playtesting.

    First, the Monolith will most likely be lower in points and more vulnerable to melee dmg as double dice penetration will hurt it (Basically Monstrous Creatures, Chainfists, Eviscerators).

    Second, C'tans are going to be replaced by (for lack of a better word) "demi-C'tans". These should be in terminator armor for all purposes (2+/5+).

    Third, Wraiths will be able to deep strike but no word on whether or not they will recieve power weapons. If they don't, looks like they are actually dropping in price for army lists.

    Fourth, a monstrous Creature is on the way for a heavy or fast attack slot. From the description, go to forge world and look at the millipede creature:

    Of course, we'll be back is gone most likely to be replaced with Feel No Pain. This should help Necrons immensely.

    Finally, phase out is being removed allowing for greater flexibility in the army.

    There are additional rumors floating around like the 0-1 Pariah restriction is gone, Necron warriors will receive a changed stat line, "psychic powers" as tech upgrades, etc . . . but we'll just have to wait and see about those for now. However, do not be surprised if we see formerly marginal units (like Flayed Ones) suddenly becoming incredibly good as it appears to be the new GW standard for revamping an army.

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