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    Non-Metallic Metallics

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    Non-Metallic Metallics

    Post  The Harbinger on Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:33 pm

    Recently, I've had a fair amount of people ask me about non-metallic metallic (also known as NMM) painting. So here are some answers to questions that I'm normally asked.

    Q: What is non-metallic metallic painting?
    A: A method of using non-metallic paints to take on the appearance of metal.

    Q: Why do you use NMM instead of metal paints? Isn't it easier to use metallic paints?
    A: Yes, it is easier to use metallic paints than paint in the NMM style because it is much, much quicker. But I don't use metallic paints for two reasons. First, metallic paints look unnatural on a small mini. The flecks of metallic paint simply aren't consistent with the metallic flakes found in something that is "to scale". Second, most people have a hard time concentrating on the metallic paints and the "flat" paints simultaneously. Instead, their eyes focus on one or the other and keeps you from being able to enjoy the model in it's entirety.

    Q: Do I have to make the lighting source consistent throughout the NMM found on the model?
    A: No, it will still generally look better than a metallic paint even if the painted lighting source isn't consistent. It just looks better if you make it so.

    Q: Do I always have to blend with NMM?
    A: No. Layering is generally just as effective, and at times better than blending to create NMM.

    Here is an example of my early work with NMM (although I realize it isn't 40k):

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